Tintorería was established in 2017 by María Romero. The house focuses on the artisanal processes textiles go through prior to reaching the markets.

The world of handmade textiles is large and not all made with the same care, craft and transparency.

Tintorería was born inside Studio María Romero as a small scale natural dye kitchen, like the earlier dye houses, where people would drop off their garments, learn about the dyes and the process their textiles go through to be re-colored, and pick up once ready. We partnered with local restaurants and New York city community gardens to collect food waste and dye material.

María quickly realised that most of our wardrobes are made from synthetic fibers, and many who were excited by the initiative were not able to access the kitchen’s services.

El Closet was then created.

The Kitchen

Tintorería is located in Hudson, NY.
We currently offer our natural dye service only for the Hudson Valley community, partnering with local farms and restaurants to gather our dyestuff.

A comunal dye pot brewing color, for people to come and dye their own clothing, learn about the process and meet our community.

Events dates coming soon.

Selected Press & Publications

Arquitectural Digest
Vogue Portugal
iMute Magazine
L’Officiel Italy

Brands we work with

Two Dawson
The Sabah Dealer
Simple Goods
Casa by Colonia Verde
West Elm



327 Union St, Hudson NY.